Nursery rooms for youngest children from birth

This nursery is in separate homely accommodation with 2 playrooms, bathroom and rest room with cots.
Younger babies have their bottles and solids as required. There are mid morning and mid afternoon snacks. A two course cooked lunch is provided for weaned babies. Babies play with the varied toys and enjoy music and story telling. Weather permitting the babies enjoy their enclosed garden.

Parents often provide us with their baby’s home routine, but invariably babies settle into their own routines.

Babies will move up to middle nursery when it is appropriate for their needs.


Nursery rooms for 'toddlers'

Sand, water and paint are available all day, every day, for the children's enjoyment.

The story telling and music sessions with the wide variety of play equipment and materials hopefully ensure a
happy time for all.

We expect to include the babies in some of the older children’s activities as it becomes appropriate to their
participation and enjoyment.

Overall we have 15 nursery places for children under 2 years.


Nursery rooms for the older children

Besides all the provision to meet Ofsted requirements, the children enjoy fun activities at no extra cost including:

Dance – With a qualified dance teacher.

Music – A teacher to play piano for music and movement.

Cookery – Measure, mix and eat a variety of goodies.

Woodwork - Children use tools to make wooden wonders, usually in relation to an ongoing topic.

Technology - A computer plus other equipment where the children and parents can see themselves involved in nursery activities.

Pet Hens – Hatched in the nursery incubator to develop into egg-laying hens.

Spanish – Opportunities to speak Spanish with a native speaker through games, songs and activities.

Festivals – Are acknowledged through artworks and drama.

Bookroom - We have a separate book room with over 100 favourite titles, providing a 'quiet read' for the

'Springers' Group – Rising 4's focuses on an extended range of activities with specialised resources to enable your child to participate in a positive and fun learning experience. The child’s efforts are collected in a folder to
be discussed with parents and staff each term.

Don't worry all day about your child when they start nursery, just telephone us to find out what they are doing and how they are.