Paediatric First Aid (EYPS criteria) certificates are held by full time staff, and are renewed every 3 years. If it is more serious then parents are informed and if necessary the child will be taken to West Suffolk Hospital. It is a statutory duty to report suspected non-accidental injury to the appropriate authorities for further investigation. This would be carried out in conjunction with the child’s main carers in order to, hopefully, provide a happy outcome for the child’s well being within his/her family.


Fees and Opening Hours
Fees are paid in advance. No fees for Bank Holidays, between Christmas/New Year.

We are open Monday to Friday 7.45am to 5.45pm for 51 weeks approx each year.

A minimum attendance of two half days or one whole day each week is recommended.

We offer the extended offer (30 hours) to eligible parents / carers.


Sickness and Exclusion
Medicines and treatments can be administered when parents sign a consent form.
Chicken Pox - your children may attend as long as they feel well within themselves.
Diarrhoea and Vomiting -your children must be free of the condition for 48 hours before returning to nursery.
Conjunctivitis, Impetigo - your children may return to nursery after treatment.

Fully complies to Ofsted standards.


Equal Opportunities
We welcome all children irrespective of their religious beliefs, race, disability or gender.


Regarding any aspect of the nursery, will be dealt with by the nursery owners. Details of the complaint can be
taken by a member of staff and the matter will then be dealt with and hopefully resolved at the earliest opportunity.
To make a formal complaint about the nursery, contact Ofsted - phone number is displayed in nursery porches.


An ordained preacher visits to explain the Nativity. Father Christmas will also visit us for the nursery Christmas parties, with presents for nursery children.

A named SENCO within the setting is trained in this particular area, which enables her to offer appropriate support to the child and their family.